The Complete Solution

Jim Greenwood CEO

Afs“Based on our current AFSVision deliveries and flexibility, there is no limit to the scalability and reliability available to any customer to meet their unique strategy”

Since 1970, Automated Financial Systems, Inc. (AFS) has combined technological innovation with financial expertise to provide the industry with leading credit and lending services. It is pertinent to mention that AFS combines systems, execution expertise, and management information to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and increase revenue for their clients, and has today culminated into a global leader in providing real-time, straight-through processing commercial lending solutions to the world’s top-tier institutions.

AFS clients depend on their real-time, single system, straight-through processing platform with multibank, multilingual, multicurrency capabilities along with complete credit lifecycle management from origination through decisions, closing, booking, servicing, recovery, reporting, and syndications. AFS provides competitive advantages by delivering the only fully integrated lending system designed to process multiple portfolios, including small business, middle markets, commercial real estate, capital markets and other specialty lines of business—all on one system. Because the AFS single-system solution is unique, clients gain demonstrable advantages in operating costs, ability to identify and manage process exceptions, and enterprise-wide data integrity to drive portfolio and line of business revenue as well as regulatory compliance.

The company’s product, AFSVision is a fully integrated, digital solution encompassing all elements of the lending process, from origination through servicing and beyond, offering a complete solution across your lines of business. AFSVision integrates into customer’s credit process and mobile strategy to provide the information they need to support the customers with the immediacy they have come to expect. The solution’s flexible design and real-time processing dramatically reduce the time it takes to accomplish tasks—on demand, anywhere, all the time—giving tools to provide the ultimate customer experience with a faster path to growth and profitability.

AFS recently introduced the latest version of AFSVision, the industry’s only true straight-through process, real-time commercial lending management solution. “AFS delivered the latest version of our revolutionary commercial lifecycle management solution, AFSVision, to the market. Now in production at three of the largest U.S. banks, this delivery demonstrates our continuing commitment to innovate the industry by providing the technology solutions needed to transform commercial lending,” says John Shain, President of AFS.

Since its introduction six years ago, AFSVision has continued to mature through investment to be the core-lending platform for all commercial lending for all market segments—from Small Business to Commercial, Commercial Real Estate, and Syndications—at top institutions in the country. Through web service APIs and other points of integration, AFSVision represents one system of record, providing one version of the truth, in real-time, for the customer, bank staff, bank management, and regulators. Any updated account activity or exceptions to bank policy can be delivered on demand on any device to the end user.

Another significant development for AFS is providing a choice of flexible delivery options across the market, distributed or mainframe processing, and to the fast-growing hosted private cloud model with AFS. The investment in open architecture and interoperability currently supports digital and mobile deployment strategies, providing the framework for advancing the omnichannel strategy. “The value that AFSVision provides is transformational, for any size bank without restriction. Based on our current AFSVision deliveries and flexibility, there is no limit to the scalability and reliability available to any customer to meet their unique strategy,” adds Shain.

The company’s technical stability and scalability make them uniquely equipped to handle the complex business as well as regulatory and compliance issues that define the financial services industry. AFS professionals are dedicated to creating and delivering sustainable winning strategies for their customers, and the company wants to continue offering the best solutions to the customers.