Secure Tokenization Solution

John Kirst


“Sequent’s vision is to secure data on the move and to do so in a way that reduces friction and improves the customer experience.”

The most common outcome of all data breaches is the hijacking or compromisation of card or account credentials, allowing the criminal to pose as a legitimate entity. Tokenization is the answer to securing these credentials, replacing something a criminal can use with something they cannot. Silicon Valley-based Sequent Software applies a consistent and state of the art solution for security and trust across all of the digital transformation objectives: Open Banking, PSD2, Faster Payments, Mobile Payments, Host Card Emulation (HCE), Contactless, QR Code, In App, e-commerce and Secure Remote Communications. For any or all of these digital initiatives Sequent’s Tokenization and Trust as a Service is the fast approach to securing financial transactions and personal identities.

Founded in 2010, Sequent has been at the forefront of digital transformation and mobile security. At the core of Sequent technology is Sequent’s flagship product, Sequent Platform, which as a Software as a Service platform performs and orchestrates the tokenization and digital issuance of any type of card, account or ID credential to any type of connected device.

Application developers use Sequent Platform’s simple API’s to access tokenized credentials provided by both Sequent Platform and third party tokenization providers such as Mastercard and Visa. Once credentials are issued to the mobile device Sequent Platform manages their lifecycle and enables their use for HCE based (Host Card Emulation), SE based (Secure Element), NFC, QR Code, InApp and e-commerce transactions.

Sequent Platform brings all of these services together in one SDK which enables App developers to focus their development resources on their brand and customer experience. The company calls itAll in One Place – PCI DSS, Visa (VTS), Mastercard (MDES) and Interac (Flash) are all integrated and certified. At the same time, developers and the organizations they serve can be confident in Sequent’s ability to ensure a level of trust and security that meets the high standards on EMVco, Mastercard, Visa, and PCI DSS.

Sequent brings together all payment types into a single solution and through one SDK. Banks that have existing Mobile Banking Applications (MBA) can integrate the Sequent Platform SDK directly into their own MBA and retain their own user experience, look and feel. Cards can be added to the MBA without friction because the customer is authenticated using existing MBA mechanisms.

Sequent’s vision is to secure data on the move and to do so in a way that reduces friction and improves the customer experience. Digital Transformation is largely about making it easier for businesses to do business with their customers. Whether it’s making a payment with a wearable, accessing health records with the mobile phone, or trusting an IOT device, Sequent wants to make all of that happen in a secure, customer friendly and cost-effective way-enter Securing Data on the Move with Tokenization by Sequent.

On the flip side, privacy mandates have become significant challenges for organizations. They come in many forms: GDPR, its predescor the European Union Privacy Act (EUPA), in Brazil LGPD, in Canada PIPEDA and the list goes on. Common to all is the focus on “personal data” and “personally identifiable information” (popularly referred to as PII). Tokenization of personal data and PII can help make this challenge significantly more manageable. Sequent Tokenization and Trust as a Service eliminates upfront capital expenditures and comes pre-integrated to work with all major POS brands. Sequent is also integrated and certified with global schemes such as Visa and Mastercard in order to support co-badged cards wherever they are required. For the days to come, Sequent wants to enhance their platform and offer the best security can get.