Enhancing Customer Relations & Bottom Line

Dave Crook


“BaZing delivers a great customer user experience and a material contributor to the bank’s bottom line”

Tennessee based StrategyCorps, has culminated into a leading provider of innovative online and mobile-based consumer checking solutions, by giving financial institutions the power to be present in the lives of modern consumers. They help banks and credit unions nationwide enhance their checking accounts with mobile rewards checking like local discounts, cell phone protection, roadside assistance and other in-demand services that bring value to people’s lives. And along with their revolutionary solutions, financial institutions can easily understand how to use customer data to protect and grow their relationships with customers.

StrategyCorps’ rewards-based mobile app, BaZing is an innovative solution which has gained numerous awards and accolades for its ability to help community banks become more efficient, expand their capabilities and, ultimately, better serve their customers. BaZing’s rewards-based mobile app delivers value-rich, in-demand benefits that enhance customers’ daily lives, like providing over 360,000 local merchant discounts nationwide, national retailer discounts, travel and entertainment savings, cell phone protection, roadside assistance, and identity theft protection. Customizable to each bank’s brand and name, the local merchant discounts in the BaZing app are all geofenced to offer a personally tailored, geographically-based push notification experience when customers are near a relevant deal.

As part of BaZing, StrategyCorps works with its bank clients to add their local small business customers to create heightened bank brand awareness in the local business community. Used as part of the StrategyCorps’ analytics and product design of a bank’s retail checking lineup, BaZing enables banks to generate customer-friendly fee income and reward selected customers by delivering additional value to the bank’s checking accounts.

“BaZing modernizes commoditized retail checking products by delivering benefits that are extremely relevant in customers’ daily lives. It also further monetizes inherently expensive checking products, whether that be generating customer-friendly fee income or rewarding customer loyalty,” says Mike Branton, Managing Partner of StrategyCorps. “We are proud to say that BaZing delivers a great customer user experience and a material contributor to the bank’s bottom line and the solution is working extremely well in today’s banking marketplace.”

For example, in the northwest corner of Iowa, American State Bank of Iowa has found a creative way to maintain its competitive edge with customers. Recently the $850 million-asset bank in Sioux Center released its own branded mobile coupon app, called American Edge, which offers users discounts at businesses in town and across the country. While many other companies might choose to provide a coupon app at a cost, the community bank opted to make it available to its 9,000-plus rewards checking accounts for free. To make it happen, the community bank partnered with StrategyCorps to brand and customize the existing app, including offers from local businesses that wanted to participate. The result is a robust and rotating collection of coupons for products and services in town and across the country, from restaurants and coffee shops to gas stations, hotels, hair salons and more.

Another unique solution of the company is CheckingScore, an analytical tool that ranks customers’ total relationships with a financial institution. CheckingScore shows the financial institution which accounts are profitable and which are not, as well as provides a comparison of how the accounts stack up to peer institutions. CheckingScore is armed with reports that look at segment, product, age and branch details. We then use those reports to make the best product recommendations to help generate fee income for your bank or financial institution.

StrategyCorps is made up of lots of different talents, but they all share in the company’s mission to help financial institutions thrive with the technology, service, and enthusiasm that consumers of today deserve. And, the company plans on offering pioneering solutions to the customers worldwide.