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“Leading in commercial lending innovation for more than 50 years, AFS gives banks a true real-time, digital transformation to increase efficiency, improve the customer experience, and meet any business goal.”

More than ever, the time has come for a fully digital and mobile transformation to bring real change in the way the financial industry approaches commercial lending. In order to deliver the experience customers have come to expect in their day-to-day lives, banks require a new, holistic, real-time commercial lending platform capable of delivering the information banks need to respond to requests with the immediacy expected. AFSVision® is designed to provide that and more—on-demand, anywhere, real-time, all the time.

AFSVision is the financial industry’s only straight-through processing, fully digital and mobile lending solution designed for any type of commercial loan structure—from simplistic to complex. Designed for all commercial lending lines of business, AFSVision gives financial institutions unparalleled control over their portfolios by providing a fully integrated, secure offering that standardizes and consolidates multiple commercial lending lines onto a single, fully digital and mobile-enabled system of record. At the core of AFSVision’s benefits is its revolutionary real-time, digital and mobile design. Also, within the platform are a vast array of tools, functions, and features that help increase efficiency and provide valuable insights for better business decisions.

AFSVision transforms the way banks navigate their own commercial lending processes while optimizing loan operations, ensuring data quality and integrity, and enabling transparency and control by providing “one version of the truth.” AFSVision’s straight-through processing, the real-time model enables banks to reduce costs, improve the customer experience, increase capital performance, enhance revenue, control risk, quickly consolidate acquisitions, fulfill regulatory compliance mandates and effectively run a 24/7 lending operation irrespective of languages, time zones, currencies and deal structures. Moreover, it exponentially advances balance sheet liquidity management and upgrades portfolio management.

AFSVision gives banks the real-time access needed to react to client requests, market fluctuations, and ever-changing regulatory requirements with the immediacy expected by today’s clients, AFSVision’s responsive design and real-time processing reduce what used to take several man-hours or more of work to mere moments. Banks can know, immediately, their risks and exposure, and react, immediately, before there is an issue.

From a value proposition perspective, all AFS client banks that have adopted the AFS straight-through process for commercial lending realize immediate benefits. Over the 50 years in business, AFS has taken advantage of major events in the industry and market changes to facilitate their business aspirations and reach out for new levels of opportunity and growth. The company’s solution and service roadmaps evolve with market and industry drivers, ensuring that they continue to offer clients the support they need to meet their goals. Their exclusive focus on commercial lending also means that they stay at the forefront of all regulatory and accounting changes. AFS not only monitors communications from the regulators advising of new regulatory requirements, but so they may be analyzed to determine if any changes need to be made to the system.

AFS deploys its knowledge and technology resources to solve bank problems, defined as broadly as need be. Since 1970, AFS has never stopped innovating, investing over 25% of annual revenues on product development and enhancements—more than any competitor—to maintain a market leadership position. Leading in commercial lending innovation for more than 50 years, AFS gives banks a true real-time, digital transformation to increase efficiency, improve the customer experience, and meet any business goal.