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Carleigh Jaques
Carleigh Jaques, SVP, General Manager


“With more payments being processed online or through mobile, the payments industry has to work to stay ahead of the rapidly-changing fraud management landscape.”

As technology evolves, so do the tactics of fraudsters. With more and more payments being processed online or through mobile devices, the payments industry has to work to stay ahead of the rapidly-changing fraud management landscape. CyberSource, Visa’s global payment management platform, has long been a leader in both payment security and fraud management, with powerful solutions designed to safeguard payment data and combat fraud.

CyberSource began in 1994 as a company that sold software online. CyberSource experienced monumental growth, partnering with the largest financial institutions and banking entities along the way to provide innovative and secure payment acceptance and fraud management solutions. In 2007, CyberSource purchased Authorize.Net, a competing payment gateway focused on small businesses. The acquisition poised the company to be a truly global payment management platform with services for businesses of any size and reach. In 2010, Visa acquired CyberSource.

Since 2015, Carleigh Jaques has led the CyberSource team globally. Under Carleigh’s leadership, the CyberSource payment management platform has made great strides with more than 470,000 businesses around the world relying on the award-winning solutions developed, marketed and supported by her teams. Carleigh’s keen eye for strategy and execution have helped further CyberSource’s reputation as the industry leader it is today and led her to be named as one of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business, as well as one of the Most Influential Women in Payments.

She was instrumental in Visa’s recent acquisition of Payworks, which is expected to further propel the CyberSource platform as a leader in unified commerce.

Payment Security with Token Management Service (TMS)

As a certified Level 1 PCI Service Provider, the CyberSource platform offers data protection sellers and acquirers can trust. Sellers can protect payment data with CyberSource’s Token Management Service (TMS), which removes stored payment information from the seller’s environment. TMS exchanges sensitive payment data for unique identifiers or tokens. When a payment is made, the tokens replace the card data, while the customers’ actual payment information is stored in secure Visa data centers.

TMS doesn’t just keep sellers safer—it also helps them adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). CyberSource’s solution can help reduce the PCI DSS compliance audit questionnaire to a few checkboxes, enabling sellers to manage PCI DSS compliance faster and with less cost. Tokenization also helps sellers launch new mobile and digital experiences, improve the efficiency of payment operations and gain better visibility into customer behavior.

Fraud Management with Decision Manager (DM)

CyberSource’s Decision Manager Solution automates and streamlines fraud operations to help maximize revenue using three distinct approaches: automation, customization, and acceleration.

  • Automation – Sellers can take advantage of machine learning to detect fraud. Decision Manager automatically assesses each order’s risk, using machine learning that draws on data from billions of worldwide transactions processed by Visa and CyberSource.
  • Customization – Flexible rules let sellers customize their fraud strategy and tailor fraud rules—without needing IT—based on unique seller needs, such as peak season orders, product launches, and international markets.
  • Acceleration – An intuitive, integrated dashboard brings together the tools needed to quickly review suspicious transactions and make informed decisions about which orders to approve, allowing sellers to easily streamline manual review processes.

Decision Manager is also the only fraud solution that provides automated rules suggestions with a “what if” testing environment. Its Rules Suggestion Engine applies Decision Manager’s advanced machine learning models to a seller’s historical transaction data to spot unique patterns and recommend rules, while Decision Manager Replay lets them test the effect of those fraud rules—helping sellers gauge how things would play out in the real world. For the days to come, CyberSource wants to continue helping sellers increase their reach and capabilities with flexible and innovative payment experiences.